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Gokstadt Ship (Drakkar)


In 1880 near Sandefiord (Norway) a small Scandininavian ship was found. The ship referred to the 9th century (she was also known as a ship from Gokstadt) and had the length of 24 m, the width of 5.1 m. The sail rigging consisted of a single large sail that had been sown of vertical pieces of cloth. The length of the rowing oar reached 5.5. m. It was a fine and slender ship with the raised line of a board at both ends of the hull. She was made of oak and richly decorated. The silhouette of the Scandinavian vessel is a unique one in its way and it obtains not only esthetical dignity. Twelve young Norwegians proved exclusive sea qualities of such type of vessels in 1898. Having built an exact copy of the Gokstadt ship they successfully crossed the North Atlantic showing an average speed of 9 - 10 knots that was not bad for later large sailing ships.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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