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English Merchant Ship


The ship referred to the kogg class of ships. An image of a ship was found on the seal of the earl A. Rutland (1395). The so called 'locks' were installed on both ends of the ship. These were platforms closed by a high bulwark made of a row of shields in accordance with tradition. The barrel-shaped top platform crossing the center of a mast was used for observers and bowmen. The hinged stern rudder, the large square sail with city emblems and an owner's emblem as well as a strong mast composed of several beams tied by ropes, underlined the quality of the ship. Koggs were sufficiently stable sea vessels. A short bowsprit was used for conducting bowlines, which were pulled out the weather side of the luff of a sail.
Massive frames with a frame-spacing of nearly 0.5 m, an oak clincker-built berthing with thickness of about 50 mm were peculiar features of these ships. The deck was laid on beams the ends of which passed out through the berthing. Ganzey merchants also used such types of ships.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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