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Dutch War Ship
Dutch War Ship


Influence of Viking ships and Ganzey koggs are clearly seen in the construction of a hull of the Dutch war shipl. The ship had a clincker-built planking, a sharply beveled stem and a hinged rudder. The mast was installed amidst the ship and shrouds kept it. It was possible to haul down the yard that carried a large square sail. It was also possible to reef the sail, i.e. to lessen the area of the sail by fastening the folded parts of a sail with the help of gaskets. A triangled platform with merlons was installed on the stem beam of the ship. The fighting deck occupied nearly half of the ship's length and it was raised above the main hull on supports. The stem and the sternpost were decorated by stylized images of animals. It was a decker and a boat was placed on a hatch of the hole. The 'crow nest' for observers and bowmen was placed above the yard and the head of the mast was crowned by an image of a cross. Ships of such a type were in the service of Dutchmen war units in the 16th century.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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