История кораблей История кораблей История кораблей

North European Merchant Ship


Reconstruction of this ship was done on an image of a seal of an old English town Boston (1375). The curiously developed sail rigging, appearance of which is referred to too much later period of time, is a characteristic feature of the ship. The fore- and the main masts carry square sails, the mizzenmast carries fore-and-aft Latin sail that allowed the vessel to maneuver at side winds. It was especially new and unusual for the use of topsails that were hoisted at weak winds on the topmast above the top platform. The topsail sheets were laid to the top platform through blocks fastened at main yards' ends and that explained the trapeziform of the sail. The Boston ship's hull was typical for all ships of that period. Its hollow build-ups with a slight curving in the region of the deck did not allow the ship to move close to the wind. The planking was of a carvel-built type. Developed superstructures - shallows, decorated the ship's ends. The presence of anchor hawseholes and a capstan under the forecastle was new for shipbuilding of that period. Usually on the mainsail there was an image of the town-owner's emblem and on the bulwarks of both castles there was a stylized ornament.

Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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