In a present-day world one can barely find something more romantic than a sailing vessel. Of course, a trip by sea is in itself extremely romantic, a sailing vessel, however, is a crown of the most wonderful romantic dreams.

We all have been dreaming of sailing ships from our childhood reading Jules Verne, Jack London and Vladislav Krapivin. But even an adult just cant stay indifferent to a cruise on a yacht, though a small one. When one sees a real, big sailing ship of several masts and with a full set of fore-and-aft and square sails appear on the horizonit just takes your breath away.

We are often willing to find out more about those mysterious sailing ships in order not to confuse brigs with barks, sheets with shrouds; we are really eager to understand how they actually move and how to steer them; we want to know what kind of ships can there be and what sails are set on them, where the topsail is and where the place for jibs is. And those who are already familiar with the theory and practice of sailing navigation often need more detailed information concerning some specific kinds of ships and vessels or particular components of riggings or some aspects of navigation. And this information can pretty often be difficult to find not only in books but also on the all-powerful Internet. 

Our site has been created in order to help those of you who love sailing ships and sails to get the information needed. Here you can find articles on sailing fleets history, types of ships; detailed descriptions and engineering drawings of famous vessels; some useful information on technical characteristics and parameters of ships such as types of hulls, spars and rigging, sails and armament; materials which are commonly used in the construction process as well as hitches and established sea signals. Apart from that, we have devoted special attention to the worlds renowned seafarers biographies who sailed under sails and lots of other interesting things.   

The materials placed on this site are intended both to develop your erudition and broaden your horizon and to offer some practical advice. That is to say, we hope they will help you not only identify types of sailing vessels in the roads and get acquainted with the names of all their sails but also to learn to steer a ship yourself and even build one with your own hands using for a start those models presented on our site. The information is being updated all the time and its amount is steadily increasing. We hope that in the future our site can boast of the most exhaustive materials on sailing vessels and everything related to this topic and we will be happy to provide our visitors with any information they may need.   


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels


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