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In the middle of the 18th century a type of a ship with full lines appeared in the Baltic Sea and it was known as a good freighter. The rigging of a ship had much in common with a galleot. She differed by a bowsprit, which was shorter, and a stays' placement. Both jibs were flying and they were fastened to the mainmast that had topgallant sails and was slightly inclined. The main trysail was fastened on the gaff and sometimes the boom was used. This sail did not have a width of the galleot's main trysail. Very often boom's topping lifts were laid to the mizzenmast's top. The main trysail of the galleass did not have a studding sail but only reef-bands with gaskets. The trysail of a small mizzenmast had also a boom the sheet of which was fastened to the upper stern of a flat transome.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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