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Dutch Herring-Yachts


This type of vessels appeared from flat-bottomed Dutch trading ships to satisfy growing needs of the newly formed United Holland in fine entertainment and representation vessels. In long lasted military clashes with Spain under the leadership of the Prince Wilhelm Oransky, the prototypes of these vessels were supplied by guns and proved their value. At the end of the 16th century one of the first fighting yacht became 'Neptunus' of the prince Morits. The building of her influenced greatly on the construction of the state and the private 'herring-yachts' of the 17th - 18th centuries. Because of their shallow draught and a flat bottom these yachts were supplied by side shwert's and carried a very long and a low superstructure as an official room, the so called 'pavilion'. Approximately before the year of 1670 the sprint rigging of yachts was widely spread in Holland. In his picture of the prince's yacht dated 1650 Billem van der Velde first depicted a new gaff rigging. The main trysail together with a reef-band often had a studdingsail and the mast had a stay or a topmast-stay. The stay ended by a large five-holed dead-eye fastened directly to the post. The topmast-stay was set on usual dead-eyes and the binding of the lower dead-eye was fastened by bolts to the front side of the post. The fore staysail went along the topmast-stay and a single jib on the bowsprit was flying. Usually on the bowsprit arm there was a jack-stock. After invention of a gaff rigging on the mast, the topsail was set on the yard.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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