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Mizzensail Shkoat


Mizzensail shkoats were another type of producers' vessels, which were built in Balakhna for the Caspian Sea. Their construction and building methods were analogous to the construction and building technology of the topsail shkoat. The difference was in their dimensions and sail rigging. The mizzensail shkoat had a length on the deck of 17 - 24 m, her breadth was 5 - 6.7 m, the hole depth was 3.4 - 4.6 m and her cargo capacity was 120 - 250 t. The first mast was called a 'big' mast and the last mast was called a mizzenmast. The mizzenmast was considerably shorter than the first mast. Masts consisted of two pieces of wood which were joined on the length by iron yokes. The both masts had gaffs. The trysail was fastened to the 'big' mast and it was called a mainsail. The mizzen sail was fastened to the mizzenmast. The bowsprit was of a one piece without a jib-boom. The largest sail - a topsail - was fastened to the top yard. The topgallant sail was raised above the topsail and the yard to which this sail was fastened was called a topgallant-top-yard. Fore-and-aft sails - the fore staysail and two jibs - were placed before the 'big' mast. The mizzenmast had two yards: the lower yard - a mizzen yard, and the upper yard - a mizzen topgallant yard. These yards were placed as decoration and they did not carry sails. Two massive anchors of 250 and 750 tons with a hemp rope of 200 - 250 m provided a safe anchorage of ships. The crew of a vessel comprised 10 - 14 people.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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