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A variation of tartana's rigging, the English sailors called it 'bean-cods', was used by the Portuguese as fishing and pilot boats. W. Falconer determined this vessel as a small fishing or pilot vessel which could be often met at the sea coast and on the rivers of Portugal.
In the bow part the vessel was extremely sharp. The stem was strongly bent inside and strengthened with iron sheets preventing the stem against clashes. D. Serres found a fine picture of this vessel which coincides greatly with the model in the London Museum of Science. The difference is only in the number of sails as on the picture of D. Serres the vessel goes under the sails and she is not puling the net to (or from) a fishing place. Or at the work as a pilot boat the strongly inclined forward mast carried only a Lateen sail and a jib. W. Falconer also mentioned about the extended out of stern arm. At fishing they set a whole series of different sails, drifting under which the vessel pulled the fishnet. For maneuvering they raised or handed appropriate sails.
For example they set two spritsails on the yards under the bowsprit. They could install a vertical spar between the bowsprit and the mast, which supported the sheet angle of a triangular sail placed between the top of the mast and the yardarm of the bowsprit, when in need. There was a long arm in the stern with two triangular sails fastened to it and to the Lateen yard. Such a strange rigging made a fine work and was a result of experience of many generations of fishermen in the mouth of the river Tezhu.
Spain fishing boats of the Catalonia coast had similar placement of masts with Lateen sails but they were deprived of a bowsprit and a jib.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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