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Classification of Ships on their Sail Rigging


 ImageShip (Frigate) - A full-rigged vessel carrying square sails on all masts and an additional fore-and-aft sail on the mizzenmast.
Bark (or Barque) - Any vessel carrying three or more masts the last of which (dry) is fore-and aft rigged.
 ImageBrig - A two-masted ship with square sails and an extra fore-and-aft sail on the mainmast
 ImageBarquentine - A vessel square rigged on the foremast only, the main and mizzen masts being fore-and-aft rigged.
 ImageBrigantine - A two-masted vessel with square sails on the fore mast and fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast.
 ImageGaff Schooner - A gaff-rigged two- (or more) masted vessel.
 ImageTopsail Schooner - A gaff-rigged vessel with extra square sails (topsails) on the foremast.
 ImageBermuda's Schooner - A fore-and-aft rigged schooner (without gaff sails).
 ImageStaysail Schooner - A schooner rigged by staysails instead of trysails.
 ImageStaysail Ketch - A two-masted vessel rigged by staysails with an aft mast fitted before the head of the rudder.
 ImageGaff Ketch - The same as a staysail ketch but rigged by gaff sails instead of stay sails (try sails).
 ImageBermuda's Yawl - A two-masted vessel equipped by Bermuda's rigging with an aft mast being installed at the edge of the stern (behind the head of the rudder).

Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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