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Egyptian War Ship


The well-known Swedish scientist and a fleet historian V. Lundstrem restored the appearance of the Egyptian war ship of the 1200 year B.C. on the ancient Egyptian bas-reliefs. She had a quite elongated hull with a solid cross framing supported by the powerful keel beam. This fact allowed refusing of the longitudinal rope tying up which was a characteristic feature of merchant ships. The fore part of the keel beam ended by a metal ram that was made in the form of an animal head. A large steering oar was fastened on the far extended sternpost. Thwarts from one board to another gave additional firmness to the hull. Oarsmen were shielded from arrows by the 80 cm bulwark. Fenced platforms for bowmen were installed at the edges of the ship and besides bowmen were placed in the wicker basket on the top of the mast. Egyptian bowmen, who were armed with long-range (150 - 160 m) bows, were the main force of the Egyptian war ship. The length of these ships varied from 30 to 40 m.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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