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Phoenician War Ship


A narrow, stretching hull of the Phoenician bireme consisted as of two floors, the upper floor at that was given to helmsmen and warriors. To increase the stability of the ship Phoenicians put crinolines at the level of the main hull and installed there rows of rowers. The fettered in bronze, massive, running out like a horn, ram was the main weapon of the narrow and fast bireme.
Traditional removable sail rigging was used at fair winds and such a rigging was typical for the Mediterranean Sea. The acroter of the stern sharply turned up like a scorpion tail and the balustrade of the fighting platform was defended by warriors' shields fastened along boards.
Phoenicians considered being the best sailors of that time and many ancient states often used them as their freelances.
The picture depicts a fighting bireme of the 70s B. C. The length is about 30 m. The width of the main hull is equal 1/6 of the length.


Models of sailing vessels
Models of sailing vessels

История кораблей

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